Gino Fisanotti

Strategic Advisor

Gino Fisanotti

Select Leadership Roles

  • Nike; Brand Creative Officer

Gino Fisanotti serves as a strategic advisor to Mission Advancement Corp.

Mr Fisanotti is a multi-disciplinary, people-first team builder who leads with a clear vision, creates high-growth environments and builds brand success with team-first culture. For more than 20 years, Gino created brand and business-defining work at Nike, rising from retail and marketing roles in South America and Europe to Global VP of Sportswear, North America VP of Marketing and most recently, serving as Nike’s first-ever Brand Creative Officer.

Within his tenure at Nike, has won numerous awards and recognitions over the years, becoming instrumental in the historic “Just Do It”, and the “Believe In Something” campaigns with Colin Kaepernick, Nike’s most successful brand marketing campaign yet.

He has worked across the globe and was also leader in epic brand campaigns such as “You Can’t Stop Us”, “Equality”, “Crazy Dreams” , “Mamba Forever / Better” and “Just Don’t Do It”, as well in the creation and execution of “Air Max Day”, “Nike Tech Pack”, “NikeLab” , “Serena Design Crew” and Nike’s product collaborations strategy while being part of the company digital transformation with the launch of Nike SNKRS among many other successful projects. 

More importantly, throughout his entire career, he has supported youth and Black & Brown communities that have been historically underserved.

His commitment to, and relentless pursuit of better — not only with his work and teams, but within society and communities — has left a legacy in youth culture around the globe and made his career a truly remarkable one.

Gino Fisanotti